Druids of the Faerie (Book One): Gather the Champions, Druids of the Faerie (Book Two) - Baytel and the Goblin Horde, Pilgrimage of the Faerie (Book Three)

Druids of the Faerie (Book One): Gather the Champions

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Young Baytel, overshadowed by his imperious father, King Vokat, and by his increasingly demonic twin brother, Ravek, is being tutored by a magical Tree Faerie, Cyr. With no knowledge of the land outside his father’s realm, but fueled by an idealistic courage, Baytel abandons his birthright and duties and begins a journey to fulfill the destiny he senses within himself. His quest leads him to attend the Citadel and arduously become a Druid, skilled in the healing arts and self-reliance, so he can devote himself to enabling peaceful coexistence among the many sects of humanity who inhabit the One Land. All of this is in grave conflict with his father’s and brother’s plans of conquest.

Through mysteries and battles that leave him severely at odds with his father’s ideas of domination, Baytel’s quest leads him to learn of his grandfather he had never met, his ancestry in a powerful sect he knew nothing about, and a magic of the ages emerging within him.  His adventures unite him with a charismatic Citadel classmate, a wily thief and a whimsical older soldier, a stalwart dwarf and a quiet, resourceful young man of a sect unknown.


About Lewis G. Gazoul

Lewis G. Gazoul has always enjoyed wilderness hiking, hunting and camping. The astonishing wonders of the outdoors became the context for a short bedtime story he whispered to his two children. Later, during an especially slow day at work, Lewis wrote that adventure episode onto a piece of paper, and from that page grew his vision for an entire, vast inhabited, mystical and wondrous land, which is the setting for this book.



WHAT lay beyond the Narrow? thought Baytel, looking northward toward the mountain pass he was never allowed to enter. Beyond it were lands and towns and people and challenging new experiences, all of which were so close, yet unreachable under his father’s eye.


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